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Sam Hoskins

Mike, how are you currently making the idle mixture adjustment?


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Hi Kevin,

I don't think those compression numbers mean much.  I've seen engines fly well with 20/80 compression's!  You might have been having valves sticking or something else going on.  

I put new millenniums on this year also.  My reason was I was getting 2 hours to the quart...lots of ring blowby.  Oil on the belly.    After install, I flew 10 hours at redline and 1000' pressure altitude to break it in.  Open up your airflow and redline the engine!  Try to minimize taxi time.  I now have about 30 hours and in the last 5 I can't detect any oil consumption and no oil leaking now (suspect reduced crankcase pressure).

I'm still fighting with a MA3SPA that is running way to rich at idle.  Fowling my plugs on landing approach and taxi even tho I got it leaned out like crazy.  In flight the carb works fine.  I use auto gas and that fowls plugs way worse than 100LL.  But still, I want to get working so if there are any carb experts out there, help!

Fly Safe.
Mike N3QP Q200 


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