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Dustin Graber <nitsudls1@...>

I studied the plans and  went ahead and sanded into the gouge that was in the picture. The unidirectional cloth is very thick in this area and as deep as I went the glass had a separation. I started feeling less and less confident in a repar right in the “spar” area. The more I thought about repairing that area the more I just felt like I should start over, so last night I cut the wings off….uhh. Man, it's so discouraging. My sand/repair/paint project is turning into a complete build. In fact I would bet that I'm not much farther ahead at this point than starting from an untouched kit. I've got this now, so Ill just keep grinding away on it.

I guess that means I'm in the market for wings. Obviously I’m thinking in terms of the ls-1 variant, but let me know what you've got.

I'm actually not completely opposed to building a new gu canard, so if nothing comes up I'll always have that option.




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