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Rick Hole

Don’t know. Jim retired before I did and last I heard had moved to Thailand home of his wife. 

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 Rick.. do you know if Jim built any Dragonfly flight surfaces? 

Vern Lehman 

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Before retiring from Velocity I did a lot of firberglass work. Repairing spars, no. Safer to build from new. 

I’ve built two sets of wings/canards for Q2. LS1 spar canards under tutelage of Velocity’s wing master craftsman Jim Campbell. 
If you haven’t done fiberglass before make some small items for experience. Having someone with experience will be a good help. 
I am now living in Honduras. Hardly any GA here so I am sidelined. 
When you have finished it’ll feel soo good!

Rick Hole

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I studied the plans and  went ahead and sanded into the gouge that was in the picture.. The unidirectional cloth is very thick in this area and as deep as I went the glass had a separation. I started feeling less and less confident in a repar right in the “spar” area. The more I thought about repairing that area the more I just felt like I should start over, so last night I cut the wings off….uhh. Man, it's so discouraging. My sand/repair/paint project is turning into a complete build. In fact I would bet that I'm not much farther ahead at this point than starting from an untouched kit.. I've got this now, so Ill just keep grinding away on it.

I guess that means I'm in the market for wings. Obviously I’m thinking in terms of the ls-1 variant, but let me know what you've got.

I'm actually not completely opposed to building a new gu canard, so if nothing comes up I'll always have that option.




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