Re: Alternator Failed


Yes!  I’ll be in touch.  Thx!!


On Jul 25, 2019, at 3:01 PM, Kevin Sheely kjsheely1@... [Q-LIST] <Q-LIST@...> wrote:


I believe that I have a 60. If interested.

Q200, dragged 410 hours.

Kevin 561-358-9610

On Thursday, July 25, 2019, 3:16:00 PM EDT, Corbin Geiser c_geiser@... [Q-LIST] <Q-LIST@...> wrote:


My alternator failed and I am looking for a replacement. I have a 60 amp but don’t mind switching to 30 amp to save weight.

Big question: I’d like to use an auto alternator to save money and to be able to get one quick. But mine is a rear drive/mount to engine. Any auto alternators out there I could use? Current one is made by Ford but for “airplanes”.


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