Re: Would like to buy Q1

Phil Lankford

We here in the So Cal area have a fellow named Vladimir in Ramona KRNM California who receives and prepares Yaks out of Russia. He may have some ability to ship to Russia. Because the fuselage is joined to both canard and main wing it makes for a rather large spacial envelope. Still better for you to entice a builder in Europe to part with his Quickie project. 

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Vern, you and I have already talked about Viking Dragonfly. Now the others understand how hard it is to get an airplane to Russia :) But in general your plan is possible, I myself am a professional pilot, commander and pilot instructor of a Boeing 737, but I think the container for water is the easiest option, since you have to solve problems only once at customs . therefore, it will probably be optimal to find a plane on the east coast, from where to load it on a ship and deliver it to our mainland.
In general, in a couple of years, I plan to fly to America to get a pilot certificate from you, and I hope that trip I can fly on such legendary aircraft as the Quickie!!!

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