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Here are a few links of photos of our RAFE group and the Q taken during AirVenture
The first link is albums of about 2700 photos.  Go to sets 8,9,10 and 22.
In the 8th set, you'll find the Starship on the plaza.  The Q is on the LT.  The second last in the set are of our group standing for the Natl. Anthem. 
     The lase is of our final brief prior to engine start for the RAFE tribute flight.
In the 9th you'll find the Viggen and Defiant flying.
In the 10th set, you'll find the Q leading the RAFE group to the plaza.
In the 22nd you'll see our roost, the Viggen and an EZE.  The Q is way down at the far end not visible.

The second link are the photos shown during the awards presentation.

The last link is from the EAA hotline.  View the Rutan video. Toward the end, our planes are shown on the plaza. The Q is at the very end of the video left of the Starship.
Also, the homebuilt video is great.

Other than what our Chapter 83 members took that's all I could find online.
Thanks, Keith N494K

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Great news!  Send us some pictures!

Mike N3QP Q200

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