Re: OSH warbird webcam captures quickies


The Quickie received recognition for “Outstanding Workmanship Plans built”
When I registered it upon arriving I almost declined judging.  
I knew thirty years of troubleshooting getting engine temps in line resulting in five overhauls and two engines, three cowl repaints, a few delaminate repairs from being kneed at airshows, two panels and fading of the cockpit material would keep it from being a top tier airplane. 
I started getting curious the more initials that were on the prop card, 15 in all, especially when one judge told me that was a good thing.
 I was surprised when a letter was delivered by the head judge on Friday that the Q would be recognized at Sat evenings awards presentation.  Even though it didn’t get a Lindy the plaque received is pretty especially when considering there were some 4000 homebuilts registered.
The winner in plans built was.......a Long Eze. 

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Did I black out suddenly??? I'm reading a lot of Keith congrats but exactly WHAT award did he win?



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