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Never thought of it that way....or to small to see

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The reason you got two passes is because you went by too fast to see on the first one. 

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Thanks Jim,
I was surprised and honored for the same reasons you just stated.  Don’t know if or how many of you saw it fly in Thursday’s airshow.  After all the brain pounding & butterflies the actual flight was a blast....because our flight leader had done such a good coaching us.  

If anyone noticed we launched top down w/ the fastest planes circling @ 1100’, the second tire circled @ 800’ with the slowest @ 500’, me and the Viggen.  The air boss brought us down from the bottom up.  The crowd passes were @ 200’.  When the Viggen & I landed everyone stepped down till all had done a crowd pass & landed.  The Air Boss had me make a tight pattern to get two passes in.  That was unexpected & told to me right after I broke ground on takeoff.  Much planning, the right combination of people & discipline was necessary to pull this off as cleanly as we did.  We were told in no uncertain terms 4 things to where your supposed to be, do what your supposed to do, be on time & never loose sight of the plane if front.  The 200’ crowd pass granted by the Air Boss was unusual I’m told for civilian flyers, normally it’s 500’.  

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OUTSTANDING kEITH. Especially in view of the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth it took you to get there! Also proud that the Osh
judges could recognize the workmanship of an older homebuilt. I was at Osh but didn't see it as my stamina is still crap and I
stuck to the trams. Did see the QAC Quickie from a distance but I thought that one was hanging in a Wash state museum. Was it


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The Quickie received recognition for “Outstanding Workmanship Plans built”
When I registered it upon arriving I almost declined judging.  
I knew thirty years of troubleshooting getting engine temps in line resulting in five overhauls and two engines, three cowl repaints, a few delaminate repairs from being kneed at airshows, two panels and fading of the cockpit material would keep it from being a top tier airplane. 
I started getting curious the more initials that were on the prop card, 15 in all, especially when one judge told me that was a good thing.
 I was surprised when a letter was delivered by the head judge on Friday that the Q would be recognized at Sat evenings awards presentation.  Even though it didn’t get a Lindy the plaque received is pretty especially when considering there were some 4000 homebuilts registered.
The winner in plans built was.......a Long Eze. 

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Did I black out suddenly??? I'm reading a lot of Keith congrats but exactly WHAT award did he win?



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