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Rick Hole

Ok Corbin you are working so hard on this. You might try this test:
At the regulator disconnect the power wire from the 5a breaker. Power up. Does the breaker still trip? If yes the wire from breaker to regulator is bad. If no, reconnect the wire and at the regulator disconnect the wire going to alternator field. Power up again. Breaker trips? Bad regulator. Does not trip? Reconnect the wire. Disconnect field wire at alternator. Power up again. Trip? Bad wire. No trip? Bad alternator. 

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You are correct.  However, it only activates once the alternator has power and is running.  And since the 5 amp is popping right away then the alternator never gets the chance to excite the stator.  So I’m not sure if it would pop or not as I can’t get that far.


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Your plane only has one large 50 amp breaker on the panel under the amateur built sign according to Mark. If that’s not tripping it’s probably wiring or the regulator.

Some of us had split the system and installed another 60 a breaker for the alternator on the firewall.

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