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I'll suggest a method of a 2 person which I use on everything.

Open the bleeder nipple and simply place your finger over the end and have the person pump furiously (make sure you don't run out of fluid).  Your finger acts like a flapper valve preventing any air from sucking back in.  You can move large volumes of brake fluid this way.

An airplane mechanic suggested to me to use a syringe from the caliper portion to remove any stubborn bubbles.

Finally...Is the bleeder nipple on top?  I've worked on brakes to where they were on the bottom (brakes were reversed...but some how still worked)

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Chasing some air in my brake lines.  I tried a vacuum pump system but I don't think I could get a could seal from the pump itself.  Then I tried pushing fluid using the oil can method; through the upper bleeder valve.  I am going to try that again today but was curious what methods others are using for a "one person" bleed method.

If I have to get a helper to press on the pedals then I will but wanted to figure out a good one person method to use.

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