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ryan goodman

Jay, really appreciate all the work you've done building data and sharing it with us all. Can you remind me what your setup is for the aircraft and powerplant? If I recall Q2, tip gear, GU canard...can't recall your engine or 
Propeller specs.

Ryan, TriQ restoring, Colorado Springs

On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 12:55, 'Jay Scheevel SGT' jay@... [Q-LIST]

Hi Guys,


After gathering quite a bit of inflight performance data on N8WQ (still in phase 1 testing), I have compiled most of the climb performance data. Trying to stay at a fairly constant density altitude, also keeping pressure altitude fairly constant. The air temperature this time of year mean that a comfortable MSL testing altitude of ~6000’ is at a DA around 8800’, so these data reflect that flying environment. Holding my GW around 1050 pounds for these tests.


I am happy to see that the climb data is confirming the relatively unconventional L/D profile that I got from my numerical modeling effort a few years ago. When I say unconventional, I mean that the highest L/D ratios occur very close to the lowest end of the stable airspeed range. The model chart shows L/D for level flight at a given airspeed. My flight data is measuring climb angle/rate as a function of airspeed at full power, not exactly the same thing, but close.


I have yet to gather climb data below about 78 mph IAS (and that was at 10000’ DA, so is not on this chart). I will get into the mid-70’s, but my pitch-buck occurs at around 70, so I approach that speed cautiously, when at full power.  Here is what I have so far.



Jay  Tri-Q2 N8WQ, 37 hours.

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