Re: Knab

Jim Patillo


Mark Summers flew your Q out of Truckee Tahoe regularly for a couple years (which is about 5900’. ELEV). He felt it was marginal at best even with the injected 0200. I have flown into and out of Truckee in my Q several times as well and felt the same way. With a little higher temperatures it gets quite mushy.

At my home airport KAUN down the hill in Auburn, Ca. 1,500’ ELEV., I regularly see 4,000’ density altitude. Makes for a bit more fun!

You might also want to read my prior posts about the hydraulic brake line failure I experienced a year or so ago landing at Auburn. I found out the hard way that the tubing we used will shatter when it gets old. The failure occurred in the 1/8” hydraulic line about a foot from the left wheel pant. I am switching to stainless the next time I take it down for inspection. Check out the runway length at Auburn and imagine running down that at 85 mph near dark, braking with one pedal only and snow pissing down.

Jim Patillo
N46JP - Q200
1500+ hours on airframe

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