Re: High Altitude Test

Jim Patillo


I took my Q to 19,500’ one time for a max ceiling test. Center was surprised I could get that little plane that high with 120 hp. Had about 50’ climb rate at that altitude. I suspect that is as high as a normally aspirated Q will go.

I wish I could get off in 700’. Mine takes about 1,400’ with a 60/72 prop at sea level. As Jay said it’s not about the climb, it’s about the engine output and rotation speed. A 60/66 (yours?) or 60/70 prop like Corbins certainly turns up faster on takeoff thus producing more hp. An 0200 doesn’t start making good hp until you really turn up the rpms. Klaus proved that many times while racing his EZE.

N46JP - Q200
Will hit 1600 hours on airframe next week.

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