Uavonix ADSB

Jim Patillo

Good afternoon all,

I’m finally ready to install my Uavonix ADSB package and need some help. I didn’t care for the wingtip unit even though it looked a lot easier and faster to install, so I went with the EchoUAT and SKYFX GPS.

The kit consist of (1) EchoUAT, (1) dipole antenna, (1) white hockey puck WASS/SKYFX-GPS antenna and transmitter all in one and (1)wiring harness. These units plug together.

I was planning on mounting the whole thing on an aluminum plate (system needs a ground plane) including the dipole antenna in the baggage area, up high. GPS antenna needs to point up and the dipole antenna needs to point down. I plan on coming off the avionics switch, through a 3A in-line fuse to an intermediate micro switch, then to the unit.
I know Kevin Sheely has done this but was wondering if anyone else has? If so, where did you mount your components?
What type/size ground plane for best range.

Jim Patillo
N46JP - Q200
1602 hours

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