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Paul Fisher

I installed that same system in my other plane.  It works well.  uAvionix has a specification for the minimum distance between the UAT antenna and your transponder antenna (3 feet maybe?), so make sure you keep that separation.  

Ground plane size should be about the same as you have for your transponder (~6 inches square).  The frequencies are very close, so you can actually use a standard transponder antenna for the UAT.  That's what I did and as I said it works well.

I'm not planning to install ADS-B in my Q.  It's pretty easy for me to stay out of rule airspace here in the midwest!  Obviously you have a much different problem.


Paul Fisher
Q-200 N17PF

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Good afternoon all,

I’m finally ready to install my Uavonix ADSB package and need some help. I didn’t care for the wingtip unit even though it looked a lot easier and faster to install, so I went with the EchoUAT and SKYFX GPS.

The kit consist of (1) EchoUAT, (1) dipole antenna, (1) white hockey puck WASS/SKYFX-GPS antenna and transmitter all in one and (1)wiring harness. These units plug together.

I was planning on mounting the whole thing on an aluminum plate (system needs a ground plane) including the dipole antenna in the baggage area, up high. GPS antenna needs to point up and the dipole antenna needs to point down.. I plan on coming off the avionics switch, through a 3A in-line fuse to an intermediate micro switch, then to the unit.
I know Kevin Sheely has done this but was wondering if anyone else has? If so, where did you mount your components?
What type/size ground plane for best range.

Jim Patillo
N46JP - Q200
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