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Dave Dugas

I'm glad to hear that there's a few uavionix echo installs already, because I am going that route too. I've been looking for more information on you tube and other sites, but haven't seen much. It sounds like it's going to be good, and I'm already used to using my tablet with Avare. 
Kevin, if you took some pictures of your installation would you post them? Better yet I hope you both are going to be at the FOD in a couple of weeks.
Hope all is well with you guys... Dave D. (1,100 hours of enjoyment)

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Hey Jay,

Thanks for the input.

I think I’ve come up with an option for the antenna. Kevin down in Florida has the Uavonix setup like mine installed using an electronic antenna which doesn’t require any ground plane. His setup has been tested & flown and works perfectly. The antenna blade is about 1/4”Tx4”Lx1”H for the B&C Connector. Unit is sold by AC Spruce for $98.00.

So I will Velcro the EchoUAT (2x2”) on a bulkhead, double back tape the electronic antenna to the floor of the baggage area and mount the GPS/FX transmitter and antenna (2x3”white hockey puck) high in the baggage area facing up. I’ll then run power from the avionics switch (with inline fuse) so it shuts off power when the plane is shut down.

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