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Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

Dont give second thought to Marstall eyebrow.  It improved cooling but didnt solve overheating problems.

What ultimately solved overheating was an O-200.
Jerry Marstall

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Does anyone have a copy of the original plans for the Revmaster smile inlet, as discussed in QAC Newsletter 23 and 24? I tried all the usual places (Q-List files, quickheads, Finley's site, quickiefiles) with no luck. I'm especially curious on how it compares to the Marstall Eyebrow and if anybody has some comparison data between the two?

I'm sure the smile inlet is something that could be done by "eyeball" engineering but I thought it would make for some interesting reading. Be nice to have posted somewhere for historical purposes, if nothing else...


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