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Kevin Boddicker

Fisher and I made it home in three hours and a few min, direct DVN. I got home about 4:00PM, after a nice lunch with Paul and Tama.
Weather was good the whole way, with 50miles + visibility as we neared DVN. Cool too!
Keep the Spring Fling in mind next May. Date TBA later.

Thanks to our hosts and all the attendees for making it a great weekend.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B   491 hrs
Luana, IA.

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Thanks for another wonderful FOD!
We had 15 people that arrived on Thursday-6 planes.  Weather was questionable for the weekend but it did turn out to be mostly dry in Enid.  Six of us enjoyed lunch at the airport-John Finley, Alan Thayer, Paul Fisher, Kevin Boddicker, Bruce and myself.  Dave Dugas and Rodney Herzig arrived after lunch.  Jay Scheeval came with Tri-Q for the first time after 34 years of building!! What a monumental flight!!!  Great job completing this project, Jay!  Sam Hoskins and Jerry Marstall drove in along with Jim and Mary Masal and Gene and Vicki Knapp.  Pizza was enjoyed at our home that evening.  We  had a great time of sharing. 
Friday Morning started out misty.  Breakfast and plane talk happened at the Western Inn.  The fun was moved to the airport,  WDG, where Bruce gave Gene Knapp a ride and discovered an issue with the MT prop.  Lunch was at Barnstormers Restaurant, at the airport. Charlie and Bob Johnson had to spend Thursday night at Vega TX due to weather.  They were able to arrive in Charlie's Tri-pacer in time to grab lunch.  Imraan and Rachel Farque drove in (plane is under repair).  Russell Austin also arrived-a newbie with a dragon fly-came from Paducah KY!  Great to see new folks!  Jim received a ride in Bruce's RV along with John Finley and Rachel Faruque in formation. Jim was impressed with the RV 6 performance.  The MT Prop on Bruce's Tri-Q issue was addressed but not fully resolved. We ladies had fun finding some bargains  shopping at the local thrift stores!  Supper was delicious at Napoli's-we were 21 in total. 
Saturday started off windy and stayed windy!  The rain forecast for the day did not come! Several new people drove in from Lubbock TX, Alamogordo NM, Norwich, KS and Mannford OK. With all these great minds available, the MT prop issue was resolved with butt slices, a stuck push to talk was fixed in Bob and Charlie's Tri Pacer, and great plane info was shared among all attending. Lunch was at a local Subway or Chester's. Bruce encouraged people to see the Becker Aviation Museum and Vietnam Wall on the airport. The group photo was taken in the hanger as the wind was really blowing.  Blazes BBQ delivered a wonderful meal at the Saturday Banquet, 25 attended, hosted by Jim and Bruce!!  Memories and the history of the Q and Dragonfly were reviewed by the great historians in the room!  Many attendees commented on how it is all about the people who come to this event and the family we have become! It is amazing to see people come from coast to coast!  I counted 13 states represented  this year!  We had a total of 9 planes this year.  2 TriQ 200's and 1 Q2.  We also had 3 RV's, a Longeze, a Cozy, and a Tri Pacer!
Sunday weather forecast was not good but it turned out to be better than expected and most planes were able to leave. Only Jay and John were able to make it all the way home Sunday.  Paul and Kevin spent Sunday night with us as Iowa was still receiving rain.  Monday everyone is home except Dave and Rodney as of 4:30 CST.  
I have attached some photos's and if anyone would like to email rachelfaruque@... and she will add them to the website.
Dates for next year:  9/18/20-9-20-20 Enid OK WDG  Hope to see you then!!
Bruce and Honey Lamb
Imraan and Rachel

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