Re: N8WQ interior paint

Matthew Curcio

Not to mention, if you’ve ever done a burnt test on a sample of glass off your plane, the resin is super flammable as well. I did make sure to use materials that met the FAA’s requirements for burn testing when I did my interior but fires are bad, period.

Matthew Curcio

On Sep 25, 2019, at 08:41, Sam Hoskins sam.hoskins@... [Q-LIST] <Q-LIST@...> wrote:


You're sitting on a gas tank. I'd say you're already inside the tinderbox. 

On Tue, Sep 24, 2019, 10:09 PM john.hartley1@... [Q-LIST] <Q-LIST@...> wrote:

How about flammability of this setup? I'm not familiar with the materials but it seems you could be setting in a tinderbox. A pretty tinderbox.

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