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Matthew Curcio

Hot oil and less than 1k I’m 18-20psi. That’s twice what it was before but my cruise oil pressure is the exact same as it was before. The relief valve seat was resurfaced so that’s not leaking I’m pretty confident that my spring is just a little tired. I have a new one waiting to go in next time I yank the engine off. My oil pressure is fine it’s just on the low end of spec and I figure mine as well put a new spring in there.

Matthew Curcio

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You are an animal.  Most people would have taken a year to do all that!

I recently put on 4 new Superiors also.  I was burning 2 hours per quart...  I flew for 10 hours before I dropped the rpm below 2700 at sea level.  30 hours on it and I'm amazed how little oil it is using 15.6 hours per qt.   Those push rod tubes... they get loose by man handling the rubber during installation.  Pretty normal.  Now that you got the tool just put it in a safe place cause in 5 years you'll forget where you put it!

I promise not to touch the canopy latch until fully stopped from now on!  

I'm curious how your oil pressure is when your taxing in with hot oil and <1000 rpm.

Thanks for the warning,
Mike Q200 N3QP 1400 hours.


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