Q-List@groups.io – What to expect moving forward

Sam Hoskins

 According to Yahoo, as of October 28 we will not be able to upload any content. This means you can’t send messages, photos or anything else, but you can still access the site here https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Q-LIST/info to view or download UNTIL December 14 when all previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed.

The new Q-List board will located at https://q-list.groups.io/g/main . When Groups.io completes their transfer of our content, you will be automatically added to the group. However, if you want to join now you can do so at that page. It will be a week or two before Groups.io completes the transfer.

There will certainly be a little crossover, so it is probably better to keep posting your messages on the Yahoo board until October 28. You will not be able to post to the new board until you have either been transferred or you signed up individually.

Please add Q-List@groups.io to your contact list to avoid being mistaken for spam.  

I'll try and keep you completely informed.  And, thanks for the donations.


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