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Kevin Boddicker

Great work Sam. Paul too? Be happy to chip in .

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As you may know Yahoo! Groups and the existing Q-list will be going away very soon. Current Q-list moderator Paul Fisher and I had a conference and decided that  is the way of our future.  You don’t have to follow us, but this is what we are setting up.  We looked at Google Groups, but they do not transfer photos, files, or conversations, so all history would be lost.  Also, it looks like that someone would have to cut and paste email addresses to move all the members. Please look at some of the advantages that has over Yahoo:  Thank you everyone for your input. seems to have all the bases covered. (The owner came from Yahoo). We have grabbed the Q-List name and we have done a couple of test messages and all seems well. You will not have to create a new ID, like Yahoo required. is requiring that we purchase a Premium, one year membership for $110, if we want them to handle all the transfer legwork. I paid that today and will accept small donations to offset, but it’s not necessary.  More about that in a future email.

After our first year, as long as our stored content is less than 1 GB, the group will be free.  Right now, on Yahoo, we have about 650 MB of content, so at the end of the year we should be easily eligible to be free. I do intend to clean up some of the content.

Please don’t do anything right now, it will take a week or two for the transfer to happen. Over the next couple of days I will initiate the transfer process.  We promise to keep you informed and how to opt out if you choose.


Sam Hoskins & Paul Fisher

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