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Jerry Marstall <jnmarstall@...>

Fellow Q-builders,

Since I don’t intend to build another Q, I am looking to give to an ACTIVE builder four big binders containing all of the newsletters from Day 1 (I think).  I stress active because I would like them to go to someone who is in the early stages of a build and is committed to seeing it through to completion.


As those of us who have built a Q know, the newsletters, thanks to the foresight, wisdom and tireless dedication of Jim Masal and subsequent editors, allowed us to learn from other builders’ experience and mistakes.  Without the newsletters, I doubt there would be as many completed Q’s as there are.  I know personally, that there are several Save Your Bacon tips.


If interested (first one wins), contact me at jnmarstall@....  All I ask is to be reimbursed for shipping.


Happy Q-driver

868 hrs.  Tri-Q200

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