The Transfer from Yahoo is complete! Let's start using the new Q-List Group.

Sam Hoskins

And just in the nick of theme!  Yahoo will prohibit uploading content in two days.

FYI processed 980 members
Transferred 893 photos
Transferred 234 files
Transferred what appears to be 48,184 old messages, which means they should all be searchable. I hope.

Take a look around the new site.  The main page is here: The photo section look a lot better. I think we'll like the upgrade.

So, from here on out, post your messages in an email  to YOU HEAR THAT BRUCE?

There has also been a sub-group set up, just for the TriQ guys. Use this subgroup to discuss all things related to the Tri-Q setup.  Particularly, the landing gear installation, repairs, modifications and suppliers. Send Tri-Q specific posts to

This will be a learning process.  I am hopeful that we can clean up the Photos and Files sections a bit. We'll have to learn more as time goes on.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Sam & Paul

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