Migrating Q-Performance email list

Patrick Panzera

Many moons ago (2003?) some of the members of the Q-List email group got tired of all the talk about modifying the Q2/Q-200 (with different engines and the like) so I formed another Yahoo group where that type of talk could be tolerated.  


Now that Yahoo is stripping all the archives from all of it's groups, many (including Q-List) have "migrated" to Groups.io, preserving all of the archives seamlessly. 

Q-Performance should do likewise, but with Gropis.io, there's a capability to add a "subgroup" to an existing group- so I think that Q-Performance should be a subgroup of Q-List, because functionally, it's already a subgroup, but not just physically.

Already the Q-List has a Tri-Q subgroup, so it only seems reasonable that Q-Performance should do likewise.


And the same should be done for the Q-1 group. 


So if someone wants to take the helm and make that happen (potentially the owner of the Q-List) I'll be happy to cooperate with the Q-Performance administrative end of that.



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