Migrating Q-Performance email list

Jon Matcho

The original purpose to create the Q-Performance list was to keep the “per plans” mindset in focus with the Q-List group.  Making Q-Performance a subgroup of the new QAB group will result in the following:


  1. Posting to the main QAB group will ALSO send messages to everyone who is a member of the subgroup.
  2. Members of the Q-Performance subgroup will naturally reply, and posts will quickly become intermixed.
  3. That’s really it – you’ll soon have no reason for a subgroup considering all the cross-posting that will happen.


The Canard Zone lists were set up with this in mind, where each subgroup operates independently.  The main membership group is only used for community-wide announcements.


Pat, I did not know you were the owner of that group.  I’ll gladly support migrating the Q-Performance group into a group that is ready and waiting for your arrival.  I set you up as a moderator there.



I can migrate your Q1 list as well – I didn’t know it existed until now.






Jon Matcho

Builder / Administrator



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