Re: Feedback in Radio Transmission

Richard Thomson

Hi Corbin,

    Has it just started happening on its own or have you done some work somewhere near the harness that might have moved something ?

    Are all your electrical connections / plugs secure, is the aerial loose, is it voltage drop related ? Does the gauge have a separate lead that runs direct to it or is it through Can Bus ?

    I would get a decent meter and check all the earths and casings to ground for starters. Did it start after your alternator problem, or does it seem unrelated ?

    Does it sound like a side tone problem, could be a mic lead ?

    Have you tried a different headset, not feedback is it ?

    There is a few things to go on with, hope it helps.

    Rich T.

On 10/11/2019 19:03, Corbin via Groups.Io wrote:

I’m getting a feedback tone on the radios (MGL) when I use the push to talk. It sounds as like a tone coming through a tunnel (echo like).

Also, I have red light on my fuel pressure gauge to warn when pressure is low. When I press PTT it lights up until I let go.

Bad ground? Ideas?


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