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VERY interesting!  Okay, so tomorrow I will start with headset troubleshooting since both times this happened it was with my QT Halo.  I tried David and Clark one time but the QT was still plugged in.


Corbin Ge!ser

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I have the same issue sometimes with my Halo headset and same radio. If I coil up the lead and place it under my shoulder harness it goes away. A while back with my Clarity Aloft headset the PTT would activate my autopilot. After a stop it would be fine.

If you figure something out, please let me know. Mine has been fine for months.


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Hello Richard,

This started happening recently.  A couple months ago, I did have to take off the alternator and place back on and I have flown 10-12 hours since then.  I have not messed with any other electronics the entire time I have had the plane (only the alternator).

It is very possible that the aerial came loose.  I will check that tomorrow.  Thanks!  I noticed a very slight voltage drop but didn't notate how much.  I just remember seeing the needle on the gauge move down from 13.8V.

I am 99% sure the gauge goes through the Can Bus.

I have a good multimeter but just wasn't sure what to stick it on.  It has been starting and charging the battery very well since those issues.

Hmm...I don't think it is a side tone problem.  I have tried two headsets but I didn't try my other PTT button on the passenger side.

Thanks for these steps.  It gives me a thing or two to try tomorrow.  Please let me know if anything above gives you more ideas.

Corbin Ge!ser

On November 10, 2019 at 1:29 PM, Richard Thomson <richard@...> wrote:

    Hi Corbin,

    Has it just started happening on its own or have you done some work
somewhere near the harness that might have moved something ?

    Are all your electrical connections / plugs secure, is the aerial
loose, is it voltage drop related ? Does the gauge have a separate lead
that runs direct to it or is it through Can Bus ?

    I would get a decent meter and check all the earths and casings to
ground for starters. Did it start after your alternator problem, or does
it seem unrelated ?

    Does it sound like a side tone problem, could be a mic lead ?

    Have you tried a different headset, not feedback is it ?

    There is a few things to go on with, hope it helps.

    Rich T.

On 10/11/2019 19:03, Corbin via Groups.Io wrote:

I’m getting a feedback tone on the radios (MGL) when I use the push to talk. It sounds as like a tone coming through a tunnel (echo like).

Also, I have red light on my fuel pressure gauge to warn when pressure is low. When I press PTT it lights up until I let go.

Bad ground? Ideas?


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