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Sam Hoskins

Thanks for contributing to the new list Mike!

Great weekend. 

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 1:06 PM Mike Dwyer <q200pilot@...> wrote:
Here is the first Flight Report on the new Group! 

For Veterans Day weekend we flew the Q200 from KPIE to Hilton Head SC, KHXD.  We were invited up for a couple of nights by an old buddy of mine that built an award winning RV8 and also has a 43' Leopard Ocean going Catamaran!  We might have gone up Friday 11-8 but a cold front was pushing it's way into Florida and it would not have been fun.  We decided to take off Saturday morningish.  The wind was ripping out of the North like it usually does after a cold front.  We loaded a good amount of baggage and full fuel.  On lift off I really didn't notice much performance difference.  The Q200 took the load well.  I tried 3500', 4500' and 5500' but found the highest ground speed (133K - 15K headwind) at 4500.  As I was pretty much heading North that altitude is kinda ok.  There were low clouds over central FL so I was VFR on top for a while but pretty much broken clouds near Jax.  At Jax with all the military stuff up there we called for Flight Following and they turned us so we'd fly over the top of Jacksonville.  North of Jax the controller called out traffic and I desended.  Then as the traffic passed me it popped up on ADS-B!  That might be the first confirmed failure of my ADS-B.  He was equipped, I could see his tail number as he flew past but not as he approached me.  Weird, but didn't like it.  Onto Hilton Head we called the control tower 9 miles out.  The wind there was 15K gusting to 22 but pretty much down the runway.  I got prepared for a sporty landing.  On final it was very smooth and did a squeaker landing.  No problem other than it was 50F and that's below freezing for a Florida boy.  We stayed on the yacht the first night, motored up to Beaufort SC for another night.  Then headed back to Hilton Head for the flight home.  It had warmed up a bit and was probably in the low 70'sF for our take off.  Had to buzz the marina on the way out of course!  Wouldn't you know it but the winds had switched again and I had about a 12K headwind going home!  Same thing, flew around Jax,  Past Gainesville and down into Tampa bay.  It was a fun weekend made possible by getting your plane done!

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Mike Dwyer  Q200 N3QP

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