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Guy <rsrguy3@...>

Under normal circumstances in California heat I'd disagree with Tom...., except in this case, because the plug was left with the mold you've got a solid shot at this. Tom is so right about the work though, it'll be hard, but less so than starting from scratch. What would be seriously cool in this case would be to build a one piece prepreg carbon fuse, or a post cured bladder operation. 
Guy Zindel 

On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 5:44 PM, Tom Copp
<tom@...> wrote:
If you can repair/refinish the old molds you can pull a good hard part
out and remake the mold if needed. It would be WAYYY easier+cheaper than
scanning, cnc-ing, lofting. Especially for $300.00

Polyester mods can be fixed with some hard work and a little cash. Good
enough to pull all the needed parts anyone would want for a Q2 I would

Look for "open mold repair guide" for a example.

Good luck!

Tom Copp
Composite Specialties

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