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Phil Lankford

Just letting you know Seattle Avionics has a sale on their chart and flight software packages. I bought into a lifetime membership a few years ago and I am really glad I did. 

Black Friday sale on every aviation web site and social media outlet you use.  Buy a Lifetime for just $299 (VFR) or $399 (VFR + IFR) by going to


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Contact Sonex. They sell a bolt on turbo for their AeroV (VW conversion) engine. Had a guy on my field install one on his and it is a nice unit and well built. Not sure if it will fit under the hood on a Q, but the pieces are all there and could be modified to fit. Can boost up to 40 in/hg.

Jay N8WQ Tri-Q2 80 hours

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I’ve been wondering this myself. More specifically, has anyone turbonormalized a VW?  I realize that’s lipstick on a pig, but a VW is what my airplane is designed around.

Russell Austin

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