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Sounds like a beautiful day!

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Thx Mike

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Beautiful day in the neighborhood so lets fly to Deland FL and watch the crazies jump out of perfectly good airplanes!  I hear Sam Hoskins was one of these crazies...  Anyway, the wind was light and variable so we took off on rwy 22.  Climbed to  2500' to stay under the Tampa Class C and headed North East. It was 68F outside and I think I see 19% humidity... When we got near there is was a bee hive of activity.  Jumpers away in 2 min so we just flew around and let it settle down.  Then heard jumpers away 2 min again.  What.  Do they jump every 2 min?  The active was rwy 23 so I got set up for a left base and watched for chutes.  It was harmless, landed and got to the closest tie down to the "Perfect Spot" restaurant that has a big window where you can eat a cuban sandwich and watch the chute landings. 

On the way over there, I snapped a picture of Leesburg Airport, just before swerving around a Restricted airspace and Orlando Class B.  I could see the Atlantic ocean and was 46 miles away.

Only one guy face planted when we were there.  Many made great landings.  One went over to see the Q200 close up.  He was a pilot and jumper.  

So get your plane done and join us one day!

Mike Dwyer Q200

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