Re: Q2/200 configurations

Jim Patillo

Hi Mike,

I should know where the J/B Sixpack mods are located online but don’t. They used to be in the file section under “Logistics Mods and other stuff” I’m sure someone on the list can provide you the location. Several people have used some or all of these mods and like them.  Done together, they make the plane more docile and predictable. 

A case in point was Tom Moore’s Q200 that Brad Olsen bought. He began taxi testing and was all over the place. So I went for a hi speed run to see what was going on. The plane seemed very twitchy and not predictable, I didn’t like the handling, so Bob F and I suggested he install the sixpack and he did. The subsequent hi speed taxi’s, take off and landings were totally tamed. It is a nice looking good handling, fast airplane. 

If I were building or finishing my plane again, I would incorporate the same mods. They allow  for more input finesse. Just another view. That’s why they call um experimental.

P.S. Yes the toe brakes are hydraulic disc type. 

Whenever we get to go for a ride in mine, I will show you. 


N46JP -Q200

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