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Larry Severson

It isn’t needed, but it sure makes doing annuals easier.


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I am going to throw in my opposing two cents worth.  I think that the additional JimBob bellcrank is an unneeded modification. I think it is a fix in search of a problem.


Yes, if you have the stock setup, with the rudder cables going to the tailwheel bracket, then to the rudder bellcrank, it is a bad design due to the complete loss of rudder if the tail spring breaks. I have first-hand knowledge of this problem. Rather, a simpler way is to simply tie in a second cable that goes to the tail. This way, there are separate cables; one to the rudder and one to the tailwheel. I'll attach a photo to show what I mean.


I know that several guys installed the JimBob bellcrank, but I don't think it is needed.  What is needed, is to make sure that the Gall Wheel Alignment has been performed correctly. The root cause of most handling issues is the improper wheel alignment method what was called out in the QAC plans.  When QAC wrote the Q-2/Q-200 plans, they simply cut and pasted the Q-1 wheel alignment.  Doesn't apply to a substantially heavier airframe.





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All true.  The pivot in the tail cone splits to separate the rudder from the tail wheel.  Great control results from that mod!


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Good point Bruce, thank you for adding that!  My mistake overlooking that point.  


However if you do the Jim/Bob six-pack with the pivot in the tailcone, I believe the toebrakes will continue to work even if you break the tailspring.




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I have toe brakes but Paul failed to mention if  you are a tail dragger and your tail spring breaks you won't have directional steering if you have toe brakes but finger brakes will still work.  Just and extra thing to think about.


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I have the dual finger brakes (~1600 hours over 29 years).  My master cylinders are just forward of the instrument panel where they are very easy to access.  I can't imagine having to climb down under the panel to work on them if I had toe brakes.


Bottom line is I like the finger brakes because of ease of maintenance (because you WILL have to maintain them!).  Operationally either will work fine.  


Paul Fisher

Q-200 N17PF


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Hi everyone,
Could people weigh in on toe brakes versus the split lever brake system.
Maybe Sam Hoskins and Jim Patillo could weigh in as they seem to be on the opposite side of my question.
thanks in advance!

mike Q200wannabe 



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