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Hi Sam,

Thanks for this and all your support for Q's.  It is invaluable and much appreciated.

I meant to offer earlier but am booked through early Jan: there's an unofficial programming interface to yahoo groups and an official one for  If you need help automating tasks I can investigate.   It sounds like you have the basic move done, but if you need tools for handling bulk permissions or want Q-specific indexes or automated bundles for files or some such, it could be doable.  



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unofficial: search github id ignoredambience

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Mike Dwyer and I have been working on the Photos section of the Q-list. When the photos were transferred over from the old Yahoo site, they were pretty much a jumbled mess.  Mike and I attempted to sort them as best we could, grouping them into albums by Owner.  If you are the Owner of an album, you have control over it, what goes in and what goes out.  When they first transferred over, most of the ownership transferred to me, but we have been going in and changing the ownership to you.  If Ownership of the album is Sam Hoskins, Sandy Hoskins, or Mike Dwyer, that means we can't locate the owner in the existing Q-List membership. If one of these are you, please shoot me an email and I'll fix it. Believe it or not, we spend several hours putting things straight and we aren't yet finished.

Unfortunately, the photo albums do not contain sub folders, so if you had photos with several different themes (engine, Paint, Trailers, etc.) they are now lumped together. On of the big contributors has been Jim Patillo.  What I tried doing was to create a second album for Jim called Jim Patillo -2 which featured his starter photos. Then I created a Jim -3, which is the start of his JimBob 6-Pack. You have permissions to move from one of your albums to another, but you can only do them one at a time.

So, if you want to create albums, please go ahead, and if it's your second album, give it a -2, -3 number. Also, if you find photos that seem to be in the wrong album, let me know and I can move them.

The files section is another problem area. As it moved over from Yahoo, it is all mixed up with text files and photos. I haven't done anything with the Files section yet. Maybe we'll figure something out after the dust settles.
Thanks for your cooperation.


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