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Martin Skiby

The current prop probably is in the 7-10 lb range.  So you will be doubling. Just do a new w/b and add necessary weight in the tail.  I guess you will be adding 50+ pounds.

But hey it’s worth a try.



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I was thinking more along the lines of a IVOPROP.  Magnum 2 blade electric in flight adjust is $3080 and weighs 24.2 lbs. I have no idea as to what a prop your using now weighs.

Could it aid in top speed?

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I have an MT Propeller and really like flying with it.  It is heavier than a wood prop so there is a trade off.  It really helps with fuel burn if you want to oversquare Manifold pressure and lower rpms.  It also has been a great help with high mountain altitude airport take off's.  I can dial in 2700 rpm for take off which helps a bunch.  I also don't have to keep torquing the wood prop hub as the MT is metal.  If you build a really light weight Q200 it would be a great help with all of these respects.  There is a trade off for extra weight though.
Bruce Crain 

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It would be an electric prop such as Airmaster,
I personally feel it would offer a substantial improvement due to the airframes wide speed range not to mention the blade selection offering more modern technology.

At 04:41 PM 12/13/2019 +0000, you wrote:

Can you install a Constant Speed Propeller upon an IO-200?

If so, what would that do for top speeds and takeoff?


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