Re: Bruce's tuft study on sparrow strainers

One Sky Dog


I make the side plates with a notch > that fits over the trailing edge of th=
e elevator 1/8=E2=80=9D or so. That loads the adhesive in compression and sh=
ear like it is supposed to be loaded. Just gluing them on the bottom puts th=
e adhesive in peeling tension. Glue is not strong in peel.

Clean the surface , use fine sandpaper to sand to the glass on the elevator b=
ottom, use structural epoxy filled with flox for no drip fillets to bond the=
m on.

There is a Dragonfly group=20,,,20,2,80,0

Charlie Johnson

On Dec 16, 2019, at 10:23 AM, Jeffrey Bevilacqua via Groups.Io <jlbevila@...> wrote:

Justa quick question. Can anyone recommend a reliable adhesive to attach the Sparrow Strainers to the elevator considering the constant high loads. Thanks.
Jeff Bevilacqua DF MK H.

On Monday, December 16, 2019, 09:15:41 AM PST, One Sky Dog via Groups.Io <oneskydog@...> wrote:

Bruce roll the RV problem solved.

I know Tex Johnson rolled a 707 so why not a Q?

Milk stool pilot

On Dec 16, 2019, at 9:09 AM, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

Thanks for the cool tuft study data, Bruce. My nerdiness must be rubbing off on you, or maybe you are just retired and want something time consuming to do.

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