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Larry,  which plane are you referring to?



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Yes, this plane could be made to spin, but it has 5 different combination s of controls and power to get out of a stall. This is a bit more than the average plane. The independent control of fore and aft flaps is only part of the features.

Also, according to X-Plane it is actually faster than the Q2 with any sized comparable engine because of having laminar flow wings fore and aft..


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From a standpoint of safety the "no stall/spin" part is a great asset.  If however you hold back on the stick during the porpoise it quickly get accelerated greatly.  The oscillation becomes bigger and bigger.  Not a good thing at landing and slowing down to much.


Scott Swing and i were talking once and he mentioned someone should make the Quickie a light sport aircraft with different wings etc.  You certainly couldn't spin it (however someone in the past noted a guy got it into some sort of spin or wild gyration that was pretty scary.  And that's all I know about that.)  Still the new model would need some other mods to improve it.  Different motor mounts would help to isolate the engine pulses and sound on the firewall.  It would most likely be slower than the ancestry Quickies.


Richard Kasmarec showed a print out of a 4 place Quickie at Oshkosh this year.  Which is kind of exciting!

Lots of  new technical build availability since the inception of the original 1 seat Quickie.

You never know.  Just "Brainstorming".


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Create a safety LSA plane from a Q2 hull.

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