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Matthew Curcio


What was your starting procedure prior to installing the primer? I have The same carb but with primer plummed at the intake spider. I haven’t used the primer basically ever and I’ve started in 25*f temps (with and without pre-heat). For cold starts I start with throttle closed, hit the starter and then pump the throttle quickly 1-3 times (depending on oat temps 90f-25f respectively), when I’m done with the pumping I come back to throttle slightly cracked and she fires up immediately. All of that takes place in less than 2-3 revolutions and I don’t have any power surge or coughing on start up just a smooth 800rpm or so. My engine starts as smoothly as a fuel injected car. I personally don’t believe in putting fuel in an induction system when there is no induced air flow unless there is no other option for starting. It seems like every experienced aviator has a firsthand story or two of watching an airplane catch on fire do to careless priming (which often means following the poh). I’ll add that from what I have observed, engine start is second only to landing in terms of its ability to act as a proxy to a persons proficiency in a particular airplane. 

Matthew Curcio

On Jan 1, 2020, at 16:11, Mike Dwyer <q200pilot@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,
No video this time.  The low pass would have been cool tho.  KPSG tower seems to like me doing that cause I think it gets pretty boring in the tower.
Fly Safe! 
Mike Dwyer

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On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 7:03 PM Paul Poulsen <paul.poulsen1957@...> wrote:
Hi Mike, 
Did you video the flight? :) sounds like a great trip. bad smoke from the bushfires up North and high temps (40+C) flying has been out of the question. but this will pass.
Clear skies

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 8:41 AM Mike Dwyer <q200pilot@...> wrote:
Wow, it's been a poor couple of weeks for flying here in the Tampa FL area.  Either fog, low clouds, very windy...  But today Jan 1 dawned with severe blue sky's and 6 knots of wind.  The Q200 was fueled and oiled.  Tire pressure was checked and engine ready to fire up.  The engine temp showed 60F.  I'm running a MA3SPA carb and previously had no primer system.  I could never start the engine below 70F.  This year I plumbed primer fuel from the carb to the ports on the Milinium cylinders.  A couple of pumps and wow the engine started and ran well.  No hint of wanting to die, love my new primer.  Very few hangar doors are open and the usually busy airport is pretty dead.  Called ground and started taxi to rwy 4.  It took a while for the oil to warm to 100F.  A big airliner took off from 36 so others were stuck there holding short for wake turbulence.  I called the tower for takeoff and got cleared to KSPG.  We were planning to do a low pass there.  The air was a bit bumpy but not bad.  KSPG was a little busy but told me to slow down and maybe it will work out.  I stayed at 1000 feet and slowed to about 100 knots.  Then just a 1/2 mile from 36 the tower clears me for a low approach so I point the nose down and add power.  Probably going 170 knots over the runway.  Popped back up and headed for the Skyway bridge, then to Egmont Key, onto Ft Desoto park, up the beaches to Clearwater.  The visability was excellent, probably 40 miles.  Headed back to KPIE and landed back on rwy 4 with a 6 knot crosswind from the left.  It was a nice flight to start 2020!

Mike Dwyer
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