Starting a 0-200A in cold temps

Mike Dwyer

So I reported that I couldn't start my engine below 70F.
My setup was:  MA3SPA carb with the throttle pump primer that squirted fuel onto the carb throttle plate.  My starting Procedure on cold days was Two pumps of the Throttle.  Pull through 8 blades by hand.  Jump in the plane and One more pump before engine cranking.  Full Rich, no carb heat.

I changed my system by taking the output from the Cab throttle pump and splitting it into 4 lines that ran to cly intake valve (low pressure side).  On Millennium Cyls there is a 1/8 pipe plug at this point.  I can now start without any pulling through of the propeller.  My new procedure is Push the throttle in and out a couple of times (this shoots gas in the intake valve areas and the throttle plate) then Pull the starter.  I have the old pull type starter so I need one hand on that.  I might try Matt's crank while prime but I'm a little afraid of having the throttle wide open when it fires...  

Priming all 4 Cyls like I'm currently doing requires lots of 1/8" dia copper plumbing and fittings... If blowing fuel on the spider works as well as Matt says, that would probably be the way to go.  I will give that a try!

Matthew Curcio has the same carb and it sounds like he plumbed the primer outlet from the carb to the spider.  He reports:  I’ve started in 25*f temps without pre-heat.  For cold starts I start with throttle closed, hit the starter and then pump the throttle quickly 1-3 times (depending on oat temps 90f-25f respectively), when I’m done with the pumping I come back to throttle slightly cracked and she fires up immediately. All of that takes place in less than 2-3 revolutions and I don’t have any power surge or coughing on start up just a smooth 800rpm or so. My engine starts as smoothly as a fuel injected car.

Fly Safe in 2020!
Mike Dwyer

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