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John Hoxie

I messed up on my confidence project. Somehow I misread the thickness dimension and built it one inch thick. It's very strong, though.

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That was the original intent of that project, but Corbin is going to be doing a mod on his cowl to install a landing light, so will be mostly glass, probably with little or no foam, so the confidence project may be overkill. It would be a good practice project, nonetheless.





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Would the plan's confidence project be good for practice.


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Just uploaded a document that you should read to familiarize yourself with composite construction, prior to starting your work. Folks here can help you with the specifics of materials you will want to order (usually from Aircraft Spruce).


Here is the link for the document I loaded


Once people have a chance to chime in, you can start designing your install and build using techniques in the above document. If you don’t get any suggestions for installations, I will chime in and tell you what I would do.



Jay N8WQ


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I am moving this conversation over here, from Facebook, as recommended by Jay (thanks Jay). 

I would like to add a LED landing light to my Q200.  I am leaning towards building the light flush into my lower cowling as I don't want to run wiring down the lower wing to install in the wheel pants.  Although, it would be really cool to have a flush mount light in both wheel pants.  I have also considered just mounting it under the cowling back towards the cowl flap.  However, flush would be preferred if it is not too difficult to learn how to do this.  

So...on to my question.  I am open to taking on this project so that I get a flush mount light as well as learn how to work with composite material.  Can I use my current lower cowling as a mold or should I look into cutting and building the light into the existing cowling?  

Open to suggestions and how to start learning about working with composite materials.

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