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Mike Dwyer

The Quickie factory people determined that to use the heavier 0-200A engine that a LS1 wing with the carbon fiber spar was needed.  The GU spar ends 4 feet from the wing tips and is the weak point for landing loads.  Yes a couple of people have got some hours on a GU with the 0-200A but maybe they are exceptional pilots or haven't faced that sudden downburst yet...

Other changes.  Header tank, elevator control system, mass balancers on elevator and ailerons, stiffener stringers on back side of cowling, engine mounts.   
Mike Dwyer

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On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 11:31 AM Martin Skiby <mskiby@...> wrote:
Yes what Richard said.

No need for an LS Canard.  But there is a need to counter balance all control surfaces if not already done.


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1. New engine mounts 
2. A modification to the firewall 
3. A longer cowling 
Some will argue that is you don't have the LS1 canard you need to have it but but that just isn't true.


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