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Martin Skiby

Mike,  I saw one years ago that was a swing mount so the guy could swing the engine out to get to accessory case.  It pushed the engine only about 2 inches farther forward I believe.  Looked like a good idea, but I decided it was not worth the extra work and weight and CG issues.


From: "Mike Dwyer"
Sent: Wednesday February 26 2020 11:20:03AM
Subject: Re: [Q-List] Q2 to to Q200

The Quickies don't have a welded motor mount like a J3.  It would make the engine stick out too far forward.  It would not be a really hard thing to cut off the old firewall and glass in a new one for the 0-200A.
Mike Dwyer

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New hard points for the O-200 mounted on the firewall or weld the current frame?

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