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Bruce Crain

Great to have you back oh fearless and learned "Potentate"!  I have already flown the TriQ this winter but put it up to tour Fredericksburg and Conroe Texas in the RV6. Went to the Pacific War Museum and the Nimitz museum.  Wonderful displays!  Highly recommended. Tail winds all the way around!  Ground speeds of 190+ all 3 ways!  I am afraid I am getting an attitude from Honey Lamb that says I kinda like this RV thingy.  Mostly luggage.
It is getting warmer here in Oklahoma so I won't have an excuse for not working on the airplanes.  Need to pull a cylinder to check for an oil leak and a few other things.
Bruce Crain

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I am slow on the trigger, but today I experienced my first flight of the year.  There are legitimate reasons – so I believe.


June 19, 2019, I had my left knee replaced.  That grounded me for tooooo long.  I did get a chance to fly twice at the end of October before having my right knee replaced on November 4.  That likewise kept me out of the air until today.  Actually, I could have flown a little earlier, but in between the two knee surgeries I somehow came up with a hernia.  That delayed my flying for another 4 weeks.  Not so much that I couldn’t fly during the hernia recovery, the doctor was concerned about the force required to push the tail down and spin the plane around to then push it uphill out of the hangar.  Guess I should not have described that part to him.


Fortunately, Nancy took me for a couple of rides over the last two weeks to familiarize me with the art of flying.  Today was the perfect day.  CAVU and calm.  As in the past, I found that muscle memory carried me through the flying maneuvers, but I really lose familiarity with the cockpit.

I know what I want to look at, but I can’t seem to find it on the instrument panel.  No matter how much broomstick flying I do in the cockpit before a flight after a long layoff, I still have trouble finding the instrument I want to scan.  I know it isn’t old-age because I have always had this problem.  Fortunately, after a few minutes in the air, the instruments seem to relocate themselves to where I remember them being.


Anyway, I had my first flight of 2020 and it quickly reminded me of why we love this little airplane so much.  Worth every minute of construction time required to get one completed (if they ever are REALLY completed) and airborne.  For those still building, DON”T STOP.  Doing so will only cause you great lament in the future.


Wishing you all a great flying season.  Hope we can all get to Spring Fling and Field of Dreams!!

Jerry Marstall

Asheville, NC


900 hrs.

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