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Matthew Curcio

Sam - funny you should mention that about the tower recognizing you. I’ve got the same thing going at John Wayne airport in Orange County. It’s pretty funny amongst the constant stream of a320’s, 737’s and bizjets going in there they recognize me. One controller will make a point to say “have a nice day Matt” before handing me off to ground - def a cool feeling. Anymore approach even does too. This last weekend I called up approach out of special flight rules over LAX and the controller already new my type and Asked if I was going to John Wayne before I said anything. I think with a memorable tail number and ADSB she ready and waiting. It’s a lot of fun feeling like more than a visitor in the system.

Now I’ve just got to figure out my cylinder break in problems and ADSB good chance I’m going to pull off my jugs tonight, for a 3rd (since my overhaul in September), and take them over to Kenny at Lycon in Visalia to see what he has to say tomorrow. I have some issues with his pistons and lack of documentation :/ 

Matthew Curcio

On Mar 9, 2020, at 10:57, Sam Hoskins <sam.hoskins@...> wrote:

I may as well post a bit myself. Last fall I replaced my #1 cylinder (I recently wrote about it here). The wife and I took a couple of months off in the Winnebago and recently got back into town. At this point I'm still breaking in the cylinder, so I'm not traveling very far. This past Thursday I got another 1.4 hours flying in circles around southern Illinois and it ran smoothly.

One funny thing, KMDH is the 4th busiest airport in the state with 250 operations a day, because of all the student flight training. The tower is very professional and contribute greatly to the flight students learning how to properly interact with ATC. Because of the air races I have hosted, it turns out I am now on a first name basis with one of the controllers.

"Southern ground, Quickie 202 Sierra Hotel at the T-hangers with taxi Foxtrot, west departure".
"Quickie 202 Sierra Hotel, how you doing Sam?"
"Good Larry How about yourself?"


"Quickie 202 Sierra Hotel ready at 36L".
"Quickie 202 Sierra Hotel, cleared for departure.  Have a good trip, Buddy".

Makes me smile.

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