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My HAPI 1835cc firewall forward was 189 lbs if I recall correctly. I think a fully dressed O-200 is closer to 250 lbs but I have not weighed one. Plus whatever counter balance to get the CG right.

I do not own a Q but I have sort of done what you are considering. My Dragonfly weighed 778 lbs with the HAPI 1835cc, cruised at 125 mph, flat out on a good day 140 mph, burning 4 gal per hr (50 hp) average. After going through 2 engines in 800 hrs I decided to go for something a little more reliable. I chose a Corvair engine for a variety of reasons but it is very close to the weight of an O-200 and puts out 100 hp at 3500 rpm.

After the conversion, second fuel tank to feed the thirstier engine, bigger battery moved under rear wing for CG correction the plane weighs 950 lbs. With the 60 lb increase in engine weight the CG moved beyond the forward limit. To keep my 200 to 250 mile range another gas tank behind the seat and plumbing plus the bigger battery and cables added 111 lbs to get the CG back in the envelope.

So far I have been burning 5-6 gal per hour climb rate improved a lot, top speed so far low over the Bonneville salt flats 4500 MSL 154 mph I have a range of over 300 miles.

Consider the R-2300 redundant ignition and dynamos built in and 80 hp  continuous with the Revmaster heads. 20 hp does not offset 50 plus pounds or the time to modify the airframe in my opinion. It will be a long road to go from VW block to O-200 engine.

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Weight different between the Revmaster and O-200 170 vs 200?

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Yes what Richard said.

No need for an LS Canard.  But there is a need to counter balance all control surfaces if not already done.


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1. New engine mounts 
2. A modification to the firewall 
3. A longer cowling 
Some will argue that is you don't have the LS1 canard you need to have it but but that just isn't true.


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