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Jay Scheevel

185 dry weight, all up. There is no speed reduction drive. It is a direct drive air-cooled horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder aircraft engine:

I think you are confusing it with a Subaru engine. There are a few of those on quickies also.





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All inclusive at 185, or adds for radiator and speed reduction drive?


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There have been several Jabiru 3300 engines installed in quickies. Two successfully completed and flown in the US that I am aware of. One is mine, the other was Paul Spackman’s he has since sold his, but I think he put close to 1000 hours on it and he had the GU canard. I have less than 100 on mine, so far. The J3300 engine engine weighs 185 pounds and is 120 hp at sea level at 3300 rpm. It is happier running at a lower rpm’s so think of it as an O-200 equivalent (same power at the same rpm’s as the O-200). The newest version of the Jab (Gen4) has been quite reliable with a change to all aluminum cylinder assemblies (nikosil lined).  


Also, Richard K would be happy to sell you a UL engine.





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Thank you all.  Summary
Q2 to Q200:
Engine mounts
firewall mod or replace
cowling change
counter weights for controls

generally for GU Canard add VG’s

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