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Jay Scheevel

Hi Mike,


Your friend probably has the Bing carb on his (that is the standard equipment). It turns out that there is a kind of trial and error you have to do on the Bing to get the right needle for operations dependent on the elevation where you normally operate. The high fuel flow at high power is normal and ok to keep the heads from overheating, but rich mixture has its own problems if you persist a that richness/power setting. His 5 gph at cruise is about right for that engine.


There is a lot of discussion about the Bing carb on the JabCamit engine site (I am the admin of that io group) and how to get it set properly. I did some “reading between the lines” on this subject before I even installed my engine and I decided to go with the Rotec throttle body injector. It is a direct copy of the Ellison throttle body. At my altitudes leaning is a requirement, so rather than mess with the Bing, I just skipped it entirely. I am very happy with my results. My full power fuel burn is about 8.5 gph, but I have never had it even close to sea level, so I am really not at “full power” (maybe 75% at most). I would expect to see >10 gph, if I were to be down where you are, just to keep the EGT’s withing limits. Maybe I will get down to the coast sometime and let you know.





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My buddy has a 3300 on his Aeron Lightning.  He sets his cruise by Fuel flow.  At full power he sees like 12 GPH but sets his cruise to 5 GPH.  It appears this engine runs really rich mixtures at higher power.  He has carbs and no mixture control.  Is yours like that?

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There have been several Jabiru 3300 engines installed in quickies. Two successfully completed and flown in the US that I am aware of. One is mine, the other was Paul Spackman’s he has since sold his, but I think he put close to 1000 hours on it and he had the GU canard. I have less than 100 on mine, so far. The J3300 engine engine weighs 185 pounds and is 120 hp at sea level at 3300 rpm. It is happier running at a lower rpm’s so think of it as an O-200 equivalent (same power at the same rpm’s as the O-200). The newest version of the Jab (Gen4) has been quite reliable with a change to all aluminum cylinder assemblies (nikosil lined).  


Also, Richard K would be happy to sell you a UL engine.





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Thank you all.  Summary
Q2 to Q200:
Engine mounts
firewall mod or replace
cowling change
counter weights for controls

generally for GU Canard add VG’s

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