Re: Sparrow strainer stall

Jay Scheevel

Hi Jon,


I recently heard someone refer to “gender fluid”. I have been checking at the local auto parts store, but have not been able to find any of that.  😉





From: <> On Behalf Of Jon Finley
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 12:41 PM
Subject: Re: [Q-List] Sparrow strainer stall


Howdy Jay,

I recently heard a woman admit that there are "degrees of yes" - I was stunned. Of course, I was very familiar with this phenomena but had never heard the other gender actually admit to it. Now you are talking about "degrees of stalled" - please confirm your gender!! 


Seriously, I know you are correct. I also saw this in my GU canard tuft testing (moving up/forward on the airfoil). 

Bruce; I don't know what to say on your strainers. I struggled to know how to set them (and eventually gave up on them on my GU, since they weren't needed/per-plans (instead, springs take up the load, as I recall)).  I imagine you have already tried reducing their angle of attack - and noted some change in stick force?? 


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