Re: Sparrow strainer stall

Bruce Crain

I like this picture.  I wasn't smart 'nough to understand the others you sent Jay.
I am noticing the aft end of the airfoils look different.  It looks like there is negative camber on the aft end of the LS1.  The Epler does away with that negative camber.  Would that negative camber make the aft end want to pull up on the elevator?  Plus would it make the airflow blurble up after the trailing edge of the elevator.  
Not sure about the top of the LS1 airflow going inboard with respect to the 2 airfoils!
Any speculation Jay?
Do we need to design a new airfoil for the canard on the Quickie to make it go faster or slow the stall speed?
"Not a Rock Scientist"  
Bruce Crain

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